Monday, November 30, 2015

Net Neutrality: 2016 deadlines

Net Neutrality: document pool II - EDRi:

"30 November 2015: Entry into force of the Regulation.

30 April 2016: the entire Regulation is applicable except for certain provisions (mainly on roaming).

31 December 2016: Deadline for Member States to repeal national measures (including self-regulatory measures) which go against Article 3(2) or 3(3).  Must be notified to the Commission by 30 April 2016.

30 August 2016: Deadline for publishing BEREC’s implementation guidelines.

30 April 2019: European Commission’s report to the European Parliament and the Council reviewing Article 3 (safeguarding of open internet access), Article 4 (transparency measures for ensuring open internet access), Article 5 (supervision and enforcement) and Article 6 (penalties), including proposals for amendments, if necessary. The Commission will have to issue a report every 4 years as of 30 April 2019." 'via Blog this'

Friday, November 27, 2015

BEREC June 2016 draft implementation of the new TSM rules

Press release - BEREC is ready to assist with the implementation of the new TSM rules: "within nine months after the Regulation has entered into force, BEREC will lay down guidelines for the implementation of the obligations of NRAs related to the supervision, enforcement and transparency measures for safeguarding open Internet access.

BEREC will publish draft net neutrality guidelines for public consultation following the June 2016 Plenary meeting.

BEREC will then take account of comments received before publishing the final guidelines by the end of August 2016." 'via Blog this'

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Regulation (2015)2120 - it's OFFICIAL!

EUR-Lex - 32015R2120 - EN - EUR-Lex: "Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 laying down measures concerning open internet access and amending Directive 2002/22/EC on universal service and users’ rights relating to electronic communications networks and services and Regulation (EU) No 531/2012 on roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union (Text with EEA relevance)

OJ L 310, 26.11.2015, p. 1–18 " 'via Blog this'

These 3 judges hold the fate of net neutrality in their hands

These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands - The Washington Post: "That 2014 net neutrality case is known as Verizon v. FCC, and Tatel is the sole returning judge this time, drawing that much more attention to his role in the last round.

 Because both sides are claiming to have properly interpreted Tatel's 2014 ruling, everyone's watching to see how Tatel himself will now view this case.

 Much as we shouldn't read too much into Williams's conservative leanings, however, we shouldn't conclude that Tatel necessarily has any greater insight to offer on the case than either of his colleagues. Nor should we assume that Srinivasan will side with the FCC just because he's a Democratic appointee who stands to defend his position on the Supreme Court shortlist if he sides with the Obama administration." 'via Blog this'

Monday, November 23, 2015

Comcast May Have Found a Major Net Neutrality Loophole

Comcast May Have Found a Major Net Neutrality Loophole | WIRED:

"Stream TV won’t count towards the 300GB data limit imposed on some Comcast broadband users. Since users who exceed that 300GB threshold are charged an extra $10 for every extra 50GB they use, up to $30 per month, the $15-a-month Stream TV offering could be appealing to users worried that other video services, such as Netflix or Sling TV, will eat through their data allotment.

You're watching TV on your computer via your broadband connection.

But Comcast says technically Stream TV is being offered via cable.
Comcast says this isn’t a violation of network neutrality law because, although you’re viewing Stream TV on your computer via your Comcast broadband connection, the service isn’t technically offered over the Internet, but over Comcast’s cable television network, much like its Xfinity Xbox 360 service, which allowed Xbox users to view video that didn’t count against their data limits and was shuttered last summer." 'via Blog this'

Friday, November 20, 2015

FCC's Wheeler: T-Mobile's 'Binge On' no threat to net neutrality

SNL: FCC's Wheeler: T-Mobile's 'Binge On' no threat to net neutrality | SNL: ""I think that it's clear in the open Internet order that we said we are pro-competition and pro-innovation," he said. "Clearly, [Binge On] meets both of those criteria. It's highly innovative and highly competitive."

Wheeler added that he now "chuckle[s]" at the doomsaying that preceded the net neutrality vote earlier this year, which maintained that wireless and wireline broadband providers would have to seek permission for any new innovation or offering.


Wheeler added that the FCC will be "watching the Binge On product, keeping an eye on it" to ensure that it stays in keeping with the open Internet order's general conduct standard, which holds that carriers may not unreasonably interfere with the connection between an edge provider and a consumer.

It was this element of the rules that troubled Republican Commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly, as they noted during a separate press conference." 'via Blog this'

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Recently monthly stats - 11k views, Explorer disappeared, 28% of you rich enough to use Apple products

Pageviews by Browsers

4623 (43%)
3730 (34%)
803 (7%)
707 (6%)
Internet Explorer
556 (5%)
216 (2%)
56 (<1 div="">
Mobile Safari
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19 (<1 div="">
13 (<1 div="">
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Pageviews by Operating Systems

6073 (60%)
2392 (23%)
486 (4%)
389 (3%)
385 (3%)
182 (1%)
142 (1%)
Android 5.1.1
13 (<1 div="">
13 (<1 div="">
Android 4.4.4
6 (<1 div="">
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