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Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Decade Ago: EC Proposals for Video Regulation - Ofcom

Assessing Indirect Impacts of the EC Proposals for Video Regulation - Ofcom:

"Ofcom is today publishing an independent study conducted by RAND Europe, which looks at the potential indirect impact of the European Commission’s proposed Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive." The first EU regulatory whisperings of discrimination in video distribution by IAPs... 'via Blog this'

Predictions 2017

Predictions 2017: "If Brexit does happen then an exit from the Internal Market would be disastrous for inward and outward investors. Remember that it was BT and Vodafone who first broke into other EU markets in the late 1990s, dominating Irish telecoms amongst others. Vodafone’s extraordinary hostile takeover of Mannesman caused shockwaves throughout German corporate governance. Yes, UK telecoms has become more domestically focussed with BT’s failed expansions and the recent (2015-16) mergers leaving two UK-owned mobile companies and O2 for sale. Virgin Media has announced Brexit will mean less investment into the UK.

 On net neutrality, it was the Brits (through Ofcom) and Norwegians who wrote the recent BEREC Guidelines on implementation. Ofcom cannot remain a member or even observer of BEFEC/ERG if we leave the Internal Market, whatever the Ofcom CEO may hope. Can we even follow the rules we wrote?" 'via Blog this'

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Net neutrality violations ceased after AKVorrat intervention – data volumes increased up to 17-fold | AKVorrat

Net neutrality violations ceased after AKVorrat intervention – data volumes increased up to 17-fold | AKVorrat: "On 5 October, AKVorrat filed a complaint against mobile operator Hutchison Drei based on Drei's violations of net neutrality principles. Now the operator has given in and stopped the offending practice. At the same time, Drei has more than quadrupled data volumes included in its data plans, and in some cases has even increased them 17-fold. This shows that net neutrality is beneficial to service operators as well as customers, even though the telecoms industry would rather ignore the new net neutrality provisions in EU law." 'via Blog this'

AT&T Just Showed Us What The Death Of Net Neutrality Is Going To Look Like | Techdirt

AT&T Just Showed Us What The Death Of Net Neutrality Is Going To Look Like | Techdirt: "This is precisely the sort of "new normal" AT&T has spent the last decade trying to build, and exactly the sort of future net neutrality rules were supposed to help us avoid. And while the current Wheeler-led FCC recently finally acknowledged that it now understands this sort of behavior is anti-competitive, it's too little, too late.

There's every indication that Trump's new FCC intends to not only gut net neutrality, but the FCC entirely. Trump's telecom transition team is filled to the brim with telecom-sector cronies who can't even admit telecom monopolies are real. Large ISP executives and investors are thrilled.

 With no (or unenforced) net neutrality rules and a toothless FCC, you can expect all of the incumbent broadband ISPs to follow AT&T's lead, while folks like Trump telecom advisor Jeffrey Eisenach regurgitate telecom sector think tank pieces trying to claim that zero rating is a huge boon to consumers." 'via Blog this'

BT ordered to split legally from Openreach by Ofcom - BBC News

BT ordered to split legally from Openreach by Ofcom - BBC News: "On Monday, BT had appointed Mike McTighe - who was on the board of Ofcom between 2007 and 2015 - as the first chairman of Openreach.
BT said in a statement: "We put forward proposals in July that we believe are fair and sustainable, and that meet Ofcom's objectives without disproportionate costs.

"We are implementing these proposals, and have just appointed Mike McTighe to be the first chairman of Openreach. We are in discussions with Ofcom on two outstanding issues, the reporting line of the Openreach chief executive and the form of legal incorporation.

"We will continue to work with Ofcom to reach a voluntary settlement that is good for customers, shareholders, employees, pensioners and investment in the UK's digital future."

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said Openreach "needs to offer genuinely fair and equal access to the country's telecoms infrastructure to BT's competitors" and that it supported Ofcom action to achieve this." 'via Blog this'

Monday, November 28, 2016

National regulators transforming into “Net Neutrality watchdogs”

National regulators transforming into “Net Neutrality watchdogs”: "“National regulators shall monitor and enforce compliance with the Net Neutrality rules’ stressed the incoming BEREC Chair Sebastien Soriano at the Third World Internet Conference (WIC) held in Wuzhen, China from Nov 16 to 18, 2016.  

In his presentation Mr Soriano introduced with the adoption of the Net Neutrality rules in Europe, the challenges ahead and BEREC role in implementing the rules. He also emphasized, that Europe secured the openness of the Internet environment at the network level, but the risk is now that bottlenecks appear at other levels of the digital value chain. The European institutions should analyse the impact of other markets on the openness of the Internet environment." 'via Blog this'

Friday, November 25, 2016

European Net Neutrality, at last? My article with Luca in Computers & Law

European Net Neutrality, at last?: "BEREC organised a six-week public consultation on the draft Guidelines that stimulated a record 481,547 contributions, mostly supporting strong net neutrality protections. Meanwhile, major EU operators, such as Deutsche Telekom, BT Group and Orange issued a 5G Manifesto, threatening not to invest in next-generation 5G mobile networks unless the proposed net neutrality guidelines had been mitigated.

 The BEREC Guidelines, hailed as a significant victory for net neutrality advocates, have finally provided clear interpretation of the Regulation with regard to traffic management practices, specialised services, transparency with regard to Internet access quality and 'commercial practices' such as zero rating." 'via Blog this'